If you talk to anyone in the architectural or building industry, they’ll tell you that architectural finishes are a game-changer when it comes to improving the appearance of a building. From metallic effects for concrete to enhancing the look of masonry, let’s dive into the world of architectural finishes.

What are architectural finishes?

Architectural finishes mimic the natural looks and textures of different surfaces like wood, marble, stucco, and many more. It’s these finishes that can transform pretty much any surface, from glass to wood, and even concrete, too. Architectural finishes will revamp the appearance of the area and can be highly customized based on the look you’re aiming for.

Benefits of architectural finishes

Architectural finishes can be applied to any surface, which allows you to go all out and put your mark on the building you are working on. They also produce less waste and require less labor, meaning you don’t have to worry about long-term renovations. Plus, here at Nawkaw, we have a wide range of stains to choose from, so you can let your creativity shine.

Stain as an architectural finish

One of the most popular ways to achieve architectural finishes are masonry and concrete stains. They enhance the appearance of brick, block, stone, or any other kind of concrete. No matter if you’re looking to give your building a bit of a touch-up, or you’re looking for a complete re-color, stains are an excellent help.

Benefits of using stains as an architectural finish

While every kind of finish has its pros and cons, stains not only increase property value, but they add decorative accents and help touch up blemishes (even ones caused by alkali or efflorescence). They’re also perfect if you’ve just renovated your building, and you’d like to ensure that these additions are blended in as flawlessly as possible. Another essential fact to remember is that contrary to popular belief, stains are not limited to exteriors – they can help transform the interior of any building, too.

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