What are architectural concrete finishes?

Looking at different building materials, concrete is known for its durability, easy use, and longevity – all reasons why it’s become so popular in the construction industry. Often times, architects are required to create buildings that have a life span of over 100 years – concrete buildings will easily achieve this when maintenance is done correctly. Yet, architects yearn for beautiful, stunning buildings. After all, those buildings represent each architect individually. Naturally, they want to be able to be proud of what they have created. For that particular reason, architectural concrete finishes come in handy.

Let’s face it! Cured concrete is not the most appealing looking building material. Due to different curing times, the ratio of the cement mixture, and atmospheric conditions, cured concrete will have discoloration throughout. These discolorations are quite unpleasant to the eye – not what architects are looking for at all.

Architectural concrete finishes will help to enhance the look of plain, discolored concrete and satisfy an architect’s creative vein!

Giving architectural concrete finishes a unique form and texture

US Formliner, Nawkaw’s sister company, will create any formliner imaginable for concrete. Are you inspired by the looks of greenery, wood or stone textures, or want to create your own geometric, abstract design? No problem! Your concrete can look just as you imagined. Formliners can be completely customized in order to achieve any concrete finish and texture.

Giving concrete finishes stunning colors

Once your concrete has the form you desired, Nawkaw will give it the color of your choice. If you are looking to mimic particular looks, we will stain the concrete accordingly and achieve the most natural finishes. Over the past thirty years, we have optimized our formula, making it the perfect environmentally-friendly, long-lasting, nonhazardous solution for concrete. Since we also apply the stain, we have created many unique techniques to master the looks of particular finishes – some of them are our best-kept secret! If you like to prevail the concrete’s natural look, we can equalize its color to get rid of discolorations and make the concrete more appealing. Thanks to many years of experience and well-trained employees, we will create outstanding results that meet your expectations.

Limitations to concrete finishes

As an architect, limitations to creativity is a thing you prefer not to deal with. Truth is, there are many limitations when it comes to the construction and design of your building. Yet, Nawkaw is here to help you fulfill those breathtaking visions of yours and bring them to life; color, texture, and the unique style of your building are things you don’t have to compromise for. Using Nawkaw’s innovative stains and coloring technology in unity with our sister company, US Formliner, any look can be created.

Are you interested in hearing more about our products and services for concrete finishes? Nawkaw is a registered provider with The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems and offers courses you can earn credits for. Request a seminar here!